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Tampa Bay Area Latest Housing Market Stats – November 2022

We now have the latest real estate market statistics summary for 3 Counties(Hillsborough, Pinellas & […]

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Tampa Bay Area Real Estate Statistics Update (September 2020)

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Tampa Bay Area’s newest Real Estate Market Statistics

Since September 25, 2020, Florida has been in Reopening Phase 3. Despite COVID-19 slow down, […]

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Tampa Bay Real Estate Market Statistics

By Yukiko Yamasaki Here are the newest (June 2017) statistics from two of the largest […]

Money well spent on updating your home

By Yukiko Yamasaki I am often asked by people who are thinking of selling their […]

Down Payment Assistance Program for First Time Home Buyers!

By Yukiko Yamasaki In current Tampa Bay Area housing market, it is often more affordable […]

We are in the vibrant real estate market!

I see lots of activities in our market everyday. It feels very vibrant but not […]