Does your home have Curb Appeal?

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We constantly hear how important “First Impression” is in the human world. Home’s Curb Appeal is exactly what it is in the real estate world.

As the word implies, it is how the house appeals when you look/approach the house from the “curb”.

Owners often just go through the garage to enter/leave their house in daily life. Even if you use the main entrance frequently, you “get used” to your own house day by day, so little accumulated imperfections don’t bother you anymore.

But when you have your house for sale (or even if you are simply having your guests over), the buyers and the visitors WILL notice what you have been accustomed to. No matter how clean and attractively you keep the inside, by the time they enter your home, they got their “First Impression” from unattractive “Curb Appeal”.

Let’s step outside. Pretend you don’t live in the house. You are visiting there for the first time. You start from the curb of the street. What do you notice? Do you think the house is attractive?

Are weeds growing here and there? Are dead leaves from that big tree all over? Does the driveway have cracks or discoloration?

Here are some ideas you can easily improve the curb appeal of your home;

  • Pressure wash exterior walls, the driveway and the roof (you may need a specialist). Repaint or reseal if necessary.
  • Spider webs or wasp nests around the entrance alcove? Remove them.
  • Entrance door can improve dramatically with fresh paint.
  • Hardware of the front door may need polishing or replacing.
  • Add life and vibrance with live plants by the front door. Colorful potted plants in symmetrical positions will create welcoming entrance.
  • Mailbox needs attention, too. Painting or upgrading the mailbox will improve the look more than you think.
  • Placing the new door mat for the front door is an inexpensive and quick way to spruce up the area.
  • Make sure all the blinds and curtains easily visible from outside are in good condition.

Spring is a great season to be working on the outside of the house. Even if you don’t have any plan to sell your home, you will surely enjoy living in the house with great curb appeal!

by Yukiko Yamasaki Block