House Not Selling? Try These Fixes

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Having a hard time attracting buyers? Consider these ideas to revive your homeユs potential.

1. Check Off the basics. If you havenユt done so already, eliminate clutter and family photos, repair obvious flaws and have the home professionally cleaned.

2. Rethink room staging. Can you shift around furniture to make small rooms look more spacious, or to create focal points in large spaces?

3. Amp up the color. With the right color combinations, you can make rooms look larger, or extra cozy, or more visually interesting, changing the entire feel of your home. See for ideas.

4. Boost curb appeal. Even simple steps like putting down new mulch, planting bright-colored flowers and painting your front can make your home look more inviting.

5. Update Your Photos. Consider new listing photos that play up your improvements and give the home a new look online.

6. Change Your Property Description. The best descriptions stage a home with words, helping buyers visualize how theyユll enjoy the features. For example, donユt say メthe home has a huge deck;モ say, メImagine hosting a barbecue on a comfortable deck thatユs expansive enough to hold 30 of your special friends and relatives.モ

7. Adjust the Price. If youユre not getting any interest, it might be time to ask your Realtor to review your competitive market analysis and then re-price the home.

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