How much is a house in Tampa?

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By Yukiko Yamasaki

“How much does a house cost in Tampa?” I am asked this question quite frequently.

My answer to this question is “Home price has been going up last couple of years. Median price for Single Family home is about 170-180K.”

But I feel this number needs much more in depth explanation.

Showing numbers from the most recent Florida Real Estate statistics (Oct. 2014) might help this.

Tampa Bay Area (Metropolitan Statistical Area = MSA) is consist of 4 counties, Hillsborough, Pinellas, Pasco and Hernando.

Median Sales Price of Single Family Home for Tampa Bay MSA is $159900.

But when you look at the more detailed break down by Counties, especially by zip codes, you will see a vast gap in prices.


Hillsborough County

Highest Zip Code:33606     Price:$550000       Lowest Zip Code:33605     Price:$46000


Pinellas County

Highest Zip Code:33767    Price:$900000       Lowest Zip Code:33714     Price:$42099


Hernando County

Highest Zip Code:34613    Price:$160000       Lowest Zip Code:34606     Price:$69950


Pasco County

Highest Zip Code:33558    Price:$314990       Lowest Zip Code:34690     Price:$42000


You can see the full detailed list from HERE .