Money well spent on updating your home

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By Yukiko Yamasaki

I am often asked by people who are thinking of selling their homes this question;

“Should we update our kitchen? Bathrooms? or anything else before we put our house on the market?”

Buyers would love to see the updated kitchen and bathrooms. But it is not very likely for you to recoup the all the cost of remodeling these items.

In fact, most remodeling will not give you more than you spent, though it will make your home more marketable.

Few exception in Florida may be;

  • Attic Insulation with fiberglass for energy efficiency
  • Garage Door Replacement

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But there are some wise way of spending your budget to refresh the look without breaking a bank.

  • Place or update attractive landscaping for the first impression
  • Update/replace the entrance door
  • Light fixtures can update the look easily
  • Fresh paint – choose the color wisely, read more below

I thought of writing this article after I read this article. Color trend changes, and this new article was quite interesting.

I hear from design professionals that “Gray is new Beige”,  meaning Gray is more preferred neutral color than Beige used to be.

If you are thinking of painting your home, read this article before you start.

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